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The Importance of Vegan and Vegetarianism

For the past number of years, one of the main trends in global cuisine and health has been sustainability. Diners and chefs alike are placing much more thought into where their food is coming from and the consequences of their next meal on the environment.

Because of this, we are seeing the rise of veganism and vegetarianism. Throughout the world, increasing numbers of individuals are foregoing meat and fish, whether it is due to environmental reasons, ethical reasons, or a combination of reasons.

These shifting diner preferences have caused ripple effects throughout the dining industry. Now, whether you are dining in Turks and Caicos or any other country, you have a better chance of finding vegan and vegetarian dishes at your favorite restaurants. And let’s be clear: these dishes aren’t boring or similar to the tofurky-style vegetarian dishes that we saw decades ago. Instead, chefs across the world are coming up with unbelievable vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Ultimately, the rise of veganism and vegetarianism has been a healthy wake-up call for chefs and restaurants. Not only do they need to create inspiring dishes to suit this increasing demand, but this trend causes chefs to question how they serve their non-vegan or non-vegetarian meals. Things like farm to table dining and ethical meat-eating are becoming increasingly important. Overall, it adds a healthy dimension to culinary arts as a whole.

Whether or not you are a vegan or vegetarian eater, both veganism and vegetarianism have had a huge impact on dining, food culture, and the environment. While it is difficult to predict the future, we can expect these trends to become even more prevalent and important.


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